MATH 214-2

Miguel A. Lerma - Fall 2001

Section 41

MWF 10:00 am - SWIFT 104
TH 10:00 am - LUNT 107


This is the web page for MATH 214-2, section 41, Fall 2001
Consult it often for announcements, homework assignments and possible changes to the syllabus.



Course Description

Math 214-2 Calculus II

Some review of 214-1, review of definite integrals and the Fundamental Theorems of Calculus, computation of volumes, arc length, moments, center of gravity, trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, exponential and logarithmic functions and their derivatives, integration by parts, trigonometric substitutions, partial fractions, introduction to Taylor's formula and Taylor series.


Instructor Teaching Assistant
Name Miguel A. Lerma
(Replacing Prof. Gasper
starting on Mon. 10/29/2001)
Valentina Joukhovitski
(TA code: 133)
Office Lunt 203 Lunt B20
Phone (847) 491-8020 (847) 467-1658
E-mail mlerma at math dot northwestern dot edu valka at math dot northwestern dot edu
Office Hours by appointment
W 2-4, F 2-3
Teaching in... Swift 104 Lunt 107

Class Logistics

See Prof. Gasper's syllabus

Lectures and Homework

Note: I am going to be releasing notes ("Notes on Calculus II", in PDF format) that you can download by clicking in the links of the "subject" column of the syllabus bellow.

Depending on various circumstances, the schedule shown bellow may experiment small modifications.

The "sections" listed on the 4th column are from Edward & Penney's book.

Schedule starting on Mon 10/29/2001:

The complete set of notes is here. However I do not recommend to download the whole set until the end of the quarter, since I may still make some changes to the notes.

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Email: mlerma at math dot northwestern dot edu